About Us

Hi, I am Abhilipsa Mishra and Welcome to my world of Photography- Isabella Illusion.

We are a team, compiled with the best of talent, backed up with technical expertise and extensive experience. Bonded by our passion for photography, we are committed towards consistently delivering top-class services to our clients. Blending creativity and photography, we unfold your story with grace. Even though Bhubaneswar is our operational base, we have not limited ourselves to any particular location. We have successfully captured numerous events all across India. Tailored specifically to your requirements, we ensure that your special memories are preserved with professional expertise.

We'll provide you with the most beautiful images from your day for you and your guests.

We help you preserve those endless rituals, countless memories, smiling faces and never-ending laughter, because they are worth it. Later, when you shuffle through these pictures, you cannot help but keep smiling. Our services cover Engagement ceremonies, Pre-wedding and Post-Wedding shoots, Wedding coverage and Cinematography. Besides, we also offer services in traditional photography, product shoots and other events. You deserve the best! So, why settle for less!!


To store the memories of your love, just before you tie the knot is the reason why you should book a pre wedding photoshoot. Be it a pinterest based photoshoot or a movie themed cinematography, you can always ignite the spark between you and your would-be. May it be the wilderness of the forest, the fresh air of the beach or the magic on the busy streets - no matter whatever the location is, we assure you are in good hands. Let the picture do all the talking, and let the world know that you are about to unite with your soulmate! Book your dates with us now and highlight your fondness.

Engagement Ceremony

Rings…aren't they special? How these small metallic hoops can put you both into an infinite loop! Ring, on your finger, smile on your face and your partner becomes your soulmate. Isn't it lovely when you are in your safe zone? Don't miss the chance to capture the moment and let the world know that it is a yes! Celebrate the union of two families and make sure to capture these priceless moments. With your love and our innovative efforts, let us preserve this memorable event in pictures. Book us for the alluring beginning of an important phase of your life.


Wedding binds you for eternity. Everyone deserves a fairytale grand wedding to celebrate this union. We understand this special bond of love. As you embark upon a new journey and decide on forever, we will ensure you a royal experience that you can relive your big day whenever you see the pictures. No matter indoor or outdoor, sunrays or colorful lighting, we will definitely make it all picture perfect. Let our expertise enliven your cherished imagination and create bomb styled photographs that you can show off to the world.


You always know your partner better after the wedding, you build up that connection stronger and it grows and grows, then why not put that down in photographs? As your bond strengthens, make sure to seize those moments. Let us capture the growing love of your promising and eternally loving souls. Celebrate your love with us, because it is love that keeps our soul alive and photographs that keep the memories alive.

Product Photography

The more the quality of the product photo the more the brand image. If you can't convince the viewers through photographs then it loses its worth. The audience has grown smarter and believes what they see rather than what they hear from you. So, show them the detailed pictures and you will have them! We give our best and let our photographs sell the product itself because after all it is the first impression that lasts. We do not compromise here as we believe that things seem good if they look good.So let your products reach the world through the magic behind our lenses.

Event Shoots

You only live once ! But you celebrate life every time you host an event! Be it your birthday or a farewell or any special occasion that needs to be reminisced, preserve them all in snaps. They will definitely put a smile on your face in the future as you walk down the memory lane. Let the cameras capture these moments with all sincerity. With insanely cool styling and groundbreaking ideas, let our photographs make your event a memorable one.